Halley Beta

About Halley

Another marketplace?
Well, not at all.

At a certain point of our life we can feel the need of selling something, organizing an event, getting funds for a cause we care about.
The Internet is full of platforms, websites and apps that let you do this in fantastic ways.
However, no one so far has created a human-like interface to help you create, manage and optimize your campaign.

Halley is artificial intelligence for crowdfunding and selling.
With a conversational UX, it helps you create a fundraising campaign in less than 5 minutes. Moreover, she can understand how your campaign is going, suggest you some tips to improve the campaign performance, automate processes and do actions for you.
The only thing you’ll have to care about is looking at your growing wallet.

Halley is brought to you by FolkFunding, a leading design and innovation company for the fintech industry. We are the creators of Produzioni dal Basso, the first Italian crowdfunding platform.


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